Brookhollow Takes The Pledge!

For the second year in a row, Brookhollow Central has joined over 115 Million square feet of commercial buildings in Houston, TX and pledged to reduce the use of non-essential lights overnight and on weekends. The Parmenter team at Brookhollow Central coordinated operating procedures to minimize lighting consumption for a week in April, in a city-wide symbolic kickoff to the long term pledge for electrical lighting reduction during non-business hours.

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Improving the energy efficiency in places where we work, learn and play helps us save energy, save money, and mitigate our impact on the environment. Brookhollow Central II and III have achieved the ENERGY STAR label for the 2014 year. 

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Electronics Recycling

Brookhollow Central offers Electronic Recycling.  All tenants and employees are welcome to recycle electronic items.  Recycables should be brought to suite #70 in Brookhollow II Basement Level.  Please check sign in with security for access to this suite.

What equipment can you recycle?         

  • Notebooks, Hard Drives
  • Computers, Laptops
  • Monitors, scanners 
  • Cables/Wiring
  • Keyboards/Mice
  • Telecommunications Equipment (Phones and systems)
  • Fax Machines, Printers
  • and much more




As a leader in sustainability in the commercial real estate industry, Parmenter constantly strives to optimize building performance across our portfolio. We operate buildings that provide healthy environments for our tenants and visitors while at the same time reducing the impact our buildings have on energy consumption, water use and waste generated, throughout our ownership and beyond.

Parmenter implements sustainable management policies, energy retrofits, and tenant engagement events; and empowers our engineers to operate high performance buildings. We utilize EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager to manage energy and water consumption at our buildings. We also participate in national building competitions designed to encourage energy reduction and certification programs to highlight our commitment to sustainability.

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Parmenter is a proud member of Certification Nation 2014, helping celebrate 15 years of ENERGY STAR labeled buildings.

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Parmenter has been awarded the 2014 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Partner of the Year!

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Parmenter is committed to transparency in our sustainability performance. We participate in the annual GRESB survey.

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